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The Brinyte PT28 Oathkeeper is my first torch from Brinyte. It is sold as a tactical flashlight for military, law enforcement officers, and outdoor sportsmen.

Brinyte PT28 Oathkeeper

So first up, what’s in the box? You get the PT28 itself with the tactical ring and a 3100 mAh 18650 battery included. A camo lanyard, belt pouch, magnetic charging cable, instructions and some spare o-rings.

Brinyte PT28 Oathkeeper Unboxing

As soon as you get the torch in your hand you know it’s a high-end product. Made from 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminium and coated in a Type III hard-anodized coating the torch is noticeably tough and well built. My model is in Desert Tan but it is also available in black.

Brinyte PT28 Oathkeeper

With the torch having an IP68 waterproof rating the body of the torch is solid with the only part you can remove/unscrew being the tail cap which is sealed with a rubber o-ring. On the back of the cap is the main tail switch for turning the torch on and off with your thumb.

Brinyte PT28 Battery Cap

Moving up the boad of the torch you find the magnetic charging port. The nature of this port helps to maintain the IP68 rating as there is no socket for a USB cable for example.

The charging cable itself is USB Type-A at one end with the magnetic connector at the other end. The magnetic connector is also illuminated blue to let you know it has power.

Brinyte PT28 Charging Point

On the opposite side to of the torch to the charging port is the side switch with integrated LED. This LED is multifunctional. When charging the LED will be red to show it’s charging and green when fully charged. The charging cable itself is also braided which is a really nice touch.

When not charging the LED still has a use and is permanently on (it can be turned off). Displaying green allows you to easily find the torch in the dark and while I was initially unsure of this feature I now really love it and has genuinely helped me locate the torch in the dark on more than one occasion.

When you first turn on the torch the LED will also alert you to your battery power level by displaying a given colour for 5 seconds. Showing green for >70%, yellow for 70%-30%, red for <30% and flashing red will continuously flash if the battery is below 10%.

A key feature that you can’t miss is the removable tactical ring. This ring is brilliant and another design feature I was unsure of before I got my hand on it. The ring makes the torch very tactile, it makes you want to pick the torch up and hold it.

The ring is nice and big so that you can use it easily when wearing gloves and you can even use it with your little finger if you want to hold the torch more conventionally.

I did have one minor issue with the fitting of the tactical ring. My ring had a very slight amount of movement up and down the tail cap. It did not affect the functionality of the ting or torch but was a minor annoyance. The issue was quickly solved however by adding one of the spare o-rings below the tactical ring fitting and it is now sitting firmly in place.

  • Brinyte PT28 tactical ring in hand
  • Brinyte PT28 tactical ring in hand
  • Brinyte PT28 tactical ring in hand
  • Brinyte PT28 tactical ring in hand

The functionality or user interface of the torch is nice and simple. The tail switch is on/off and the side switch cycles through the modes.

Runtime98hrs16hrs3.5hrs1min + 1.8hrs

There is also a random strobe mode at the full 1600 lumens and an SOS mode at 60 lumens which can be activated by double-pressing the side switch. The tail switch has a shortcut to the strobe function with a light double press and hold as well.

The beam on this torch is quite wide, it has a nice focused circular throw for good long-distance but at the same time, it floods out to the sides giving a nice broad view. Below are some pictures of the beam on a white wall at 5 feet to show the centre point on each mode low to turbo. This is without camera auto adjustment.

  • Brinyte PT28 Low power
  • Brinyte PT28 Middle power
  • Brinyte PT28 High power
  • Brinyte PT28 Turbo power

In the field low mode is more than enough for a nighttime dog walk and avoiding trip hazards etc. Below are some pictures of each mode from Low to Turbo with the first picture taken with no torch at all. I don’t know the colour temperature of the CREE LED but it’s worth noting that it’s a nice bright white and not too yellow.

  • Night time no torch
  • Brinyte PT28 Low
  • Brinyte PT28 Middle
  • Brinyte PT28 High
  • Brinyte PT28 Turbo

Final thoughts on the Brinyte PT28 Oathkeeper, it’s a very solid premium torch that is nice to hold even with gloves and a simple intuitive user interface. The tactical ring is a welcome addition and is far more useful than I was expecting. Integrated charging is also a big bonus so that you don’t need to worry about separate chargers.

I got mine from Brinyte direct which shipped from Hong Kong to my door in under a week via DHL.

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