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Reviews and Knives

This website contains product reviews as well as details on my knife making for outdor enthusiasts.

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. As a keen camper, new section assistant in the UK Scouting movement, and knifemaker, I will be providing independent outdoor equipment reviews & custom made knives.

“Be Prepared.” Robert Baden-Powell

  • Helikon-Tex Scout Compass
  • Helikon-Tex First Aid Kit
  • Nitecore HC33 Troch
  • Tragia Stove and Fuel
  • Morakniv Companion Knives
  • Bahco Saw and Custom Hatchet Axe
  • Helikon-Tex Packcell Bags

Outdoor Equipment Reviews

As a keen camper with my family and a ‘gear addict’ in general I will be creating honest reviews of my outdoor equipment along with lots of photos, keeping them independent and unbiased.

  • Bushcraft Knife
  • Bushcraft Knife File Pattern
  • General Purpose Knife
  • Knife Filework
  • Skinner Style Knife
  • Skinner Style Knife Spine
  • General Purpose Knife in Hand
  • General Purpose knife spine in orange

Custom Made Outdoor Knives

Back in January 2019, I started my knife making journey. I have now completed a number of knives for myself, friends, family, and customers.

“You cannot underestimate the importance of preparation.” Ray Mears


Reviews and Knife Making