My name is Simon Hill, or Si, hence the website, I am quickly coming up to 40yrs old and live in Sunny Norfolk in the United Kingdom. I am a family man with a wife and 3 children who all enjoy camping in the UK as often as we can. By day I work in IT and by night I am a Maker.

Equipment Reviews

EDC Camping Gear

I started this site in late Spring 2020 (during the COVID-19 crisis). I wanted somewhere to publish unbiased reviews of camping and outdoor equipment as well as somewhere to promote my knife making hobby.

Trangia Stove and Fuel

Over the years as a keen family of campers, I have collected a lot of equipment. Part of my personal buying habits include reading as many reviews as I can on a product. However over the years, I’m finding more and more reviews feel scripted and lack good photography to show off the product. This site is hopefully going to offer much more honest reviews and lots of images of products from all angles.

Custom Made Knives

Skinner stle knife

Knifemaking has been a hobby for about a year now. I have made all sorts of knives focused on outdoor usage, from camp knives to bushcraft knives. As I have gained confidence in my work I have made a few knives for friends and now interest has started to build from people wanting to buy one of my knives.


I will soon be adding a page to the site allowing people to get in touch to discuss making personalised knives. I will not be adding a ‘shop’ as such as no knives will be off the shelf, they will all be made to order.